About Us

BII is the professional body for the licensed retail sector with charitable status and a remit to raise professional standards
  • As the industry's leading membership organisation BII reflects the views of 1000s of members across the UK
  • Its awarding body BIIAB is the market-leading awarding body of qualifications for the sector


BII Membership

BII membership is "must have" for anyone who wants to be recognised as a professional in the industry and who wants access to the extensive support and savings available to members. For less than £2 a week, BII membership saves members £1,000's and helps them run profitable, successful businesses.

drinkingDifferent grades of membership are available which depend on experience and qualifications, so whatever your role in the sector there's a grade that is right for you. For more information about BII membership click here.

BII also has a variety of corporate membership options, for companies wanting closer alignment with us. For more information and to view all our current corporate members, click here.

BIIAB Qualifications training

BIIAB's market-leading personal licence holder qualification (BIIAB APLH) is part of a wide portfolio of qualifications specifically designed for the licensed retail sector. Over 1.5 million BIIAB qualifications have been taken so far - proof that they are the industry's choice. To find out about our range of qualifications, click here.

BIIAB qualifications are delivered through a network of BIIAB Approved Centres. Click here to find your nearest training centre

BIIBAS (BII Benchmarking and Accreditation Services)BIIBAS

BIIBAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BII, the professional body for the licensed retail sector, runs the Scheme under which Pub Companies can apply to have their Codes of Practice accredited as a clear and transparent declaration of the business relationship being offered between the landlord and lessee/tenant and also benchmarked against the criteria established by the current BBPA Code of Practice (which is reproduced as Schedule 1) (“the Criteria” as defined below). The Benchmarking Committee of BIIBAS shall review Codes of Practice alongside the Criteria and, where appropriate, award Benchmarked Status.

Visit the BIIBAS website