BII's charitable status

Why is BII a charity and what does this mean?

An effective charity is one with clear purposes, mission and values which direct all aspects of its work for the benefit of others, including the general public.

BII’s original objective which summarises our charitable status is to ‘advance the education and training of persons preparing for entering upon or engaged in the day-to-day running of premises having a Justices’ full licence for the sale of intoxicating liquor’.  Whilst a ‘Justices’ full licence’ has now been replaced by personal and premises licences, our objective remains the same.

How does BII achieve its charitable aims?

BII is the professional body for the licensed retail industry, and as such we meet our charitable objectives by:

       - development of relevant qualifications for those working within the industry at all levels
       - promotion of responsible alcohol retailing for the benefit of the general public
       - development of links with communities and schools through the School’s Project
       - supporting the Best Bar None scheme
       - promotion of Challenge 21 to all members and free provision of Challenge 21 posters
       - providing those working within the industry access to advice and assistance
       - a code of professional conduct which BII members sign up to

  • Working alongside other organisations and authoritative bodies who promote good practice and who offer information and guidance to the general public on areas relating to the sale and consumption of alcohol
  • Providing access to training and qualifications in order to raise standards within the sector, including improving business management and customer service, regulatory compliance and good operation in licensed outlets
  • Holding events, seminars and conferences which equip licensees with skills and knowledge to help them provide excellent service to their customers
  • Publishing a business journal 10 times a year, BIIBUSINESS, which promotes best practice and keeps individuals up to date with new developments, educational opportunities and promotes enhancement of an individual’s own professional knowledge. This magazine is also available on subscription to non-members
  • Providing business advice and a range of support services and helplines to members to help them run their businesses successfully, and with respect to the health, safety and welfare of their customers and employees
  • Continually evaluating and improving the efficiency and quality of all we offer
  • Remaining financially prudent and channelling resources effectively to assist those working within the industry to raise standards in licensed retailing

As a charity, BII is run by a trustee body which has the right balance of skills and experience and acts in the best interests of the charity. BII’s National Council constitute this board of trustees, and the individuals on Council currently include licensees, trainers, brewery and pub company executives and other senior figures within the industry, all with a wealth of knowledge and experience.