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Mentoring is available to all BII members! Whether you are new to the trade or you consider yourself to be an industry guru, we believe that being able to seek advice or simply bounce your ideas off another trade professional, is a great source of support.
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All our mentors have a wealth of experience in the trade and are specialist in specific areas. If you need help solving a problem, planning for the future or just need some fresh ideas, a BII mentor could be the help you need.

Some areas that people have sought advice:
-    Taking a new lease or tenancy
-    Business planning
-    Licensing advice
-    Career progression
-    Introducing a new offer (B&B, marketing / advertising, food, deli…)
-    Staff or personal training suggestions
… and the list goes on!

Whatever the query we will find a mentor to suit your needs!

Many BII members are already making the most of mentoring!

I feel very confident that my mentor will guide me, give me excellent
 advice & save me from making costly mistakes.’
Angela Evans AMBII

‘He put our mind at ease. It is worth belonging to the BII just for that.’
Deborah Meekcoms ABII, The New Inn

‘I would like to say that we now feel it is much easier and we really feel
we have the BII behind us!’
Foundation Member

BII BUSINESS has been following the progress of Jane Gould AMBII, as she starts out, taking on her first pub. The help she has received from her mentor Phil has been invaluable to her journey.
(Most recently in the May edition)

To apply for your very own BII mentor, please CLICK HERE and fill in the short application form. This can be returned to us using the freepost address at the bottom of the form. One of our friendly advisors will then be in-touch to get you started.

For more information please contact The BII Membership Department on 01276 684449 /

(If you feel that your experience and knowledge is more suited to becoming a mentor yourself, and you are keen to help others, we would be interested to hear from you!)

 BII Mentoring Article - BII BUSINESS Magazine January 2012

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Mentor Forum

As well as this fantastic scheme we also have a mentor forum that all BII Members have access to and can be used for one off questions you would like answers to. We have at least 3 mentors manning the forum at any one time and one of these mentors will come back with a reply within 24 hours.

If you don’t have a question right now, why not click here and take a look at what other people have asked?