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BII PubHealth Service


BII is developing a suite of business support packages to compliment the current membership offer and further support licensees in developing their businesses.  BII has access to expertise from all areas of the licensed hospitality trade from very successful individual pub operators, and multiple operators, and can draw upon this expertise to provide specialist advice and guidance to support our clients.

Service Summary

  • Low cost advisory service to review current operations and assist licensees in improving the business performance of individual outlets. Areas may include, but are not limited to:
  •  Marketing
     Customer Service
     Health and Safety
  • Report will include tips and advice on how to secure improvements in identified areas in terms of idea tips and specific advice based on an onsite visit.
  • The service is not intended to be a comprehensive business planning tool or to include a detailed business plan, however this service element can be added if desired for an additional fee of one day’s charge.

If you are interested in having a PubHealth ‘GP’ visit your establishment, please complete the application form attached and return to Membership@BII.ORG