BII’s new regional structure was finalised at BII’s AGM in London in May this year, and as of 1st October 2012 the new regions have come into force.
A more streamlined structure, and new county representative roles means your BII will evolve into a more close-knit and relevant community for you, the members. Improved communication, help, guidance and support will enable a real network of members to share best practice, advice and all the BII services available.


Click on your region below to find information and contact details for your region:



If you are unsure which region you belong to, or feel it’s more appropriate to belong to an alternative region (for example, if you work away from home), please do let us know - email.


County Representative

An important part of the new Regional set-up is the role played by the County Representative. This newly-created position will play a vital function in linking individual members in each county with their Regional Council.
BII is now looking to recruit County Representatives to take on this important function and help BII in its exciting new phase of development.

For more information or if you are interested in the role of County Representative please click here to email us, or download the role outline here.