Scotland Region

The whole of Scotland is covered by the Scotland Region

Welcome to BII Scotland! The Scottish region is one of the most geographically diverse, representing the licensed trade all the way from the Borders, through the Central Belt, up to the Highlands and Islands. The licensed trade in Scotland continues to lead the way in excellent service and hospitality and BII Scotland is very much a part of, and involved in that. Our council meets several times a year and the highlight of the BII Scotland regional calendar is our annual awards night -  a black tie affair which regularly attracts hundreds of BII members and friends every year. We also have various exciting events throughout the year including "knowledge roadshows" and social events. If you would like to know how BII Scotland can help you, your chairman Stephen McGowan will be delighted to hear from you.

Click here to view an Introduction to BII Scotland by Chairman, Stephen McGowan

ukScotland Council Contacts


Chair | Stephen McGowan MBII.tps mcgowan
T: 07879848352     

Deputy Chair | Russel Kerr
T: 07801418240
Treasurer | Jonathon Whitten FBII
T: 07815321780

Secretary | Kenneth Mitchell
T: 07590254727

Council Members
  • Iain Dempster FBII

  • Brian Flynn MBII

  • Scott Gemmell ABII

  • Jo Graham

  • Janet Hood ABII

  • Francis Murphy FBII


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