BII PEAT Pre-Entry Awareness Training

BII is pleased to announce the launch of the revised and refreshed Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT). The new design provides learners with a full interactive learning experience. On top of the new look the content has significantly expanded to become far more comprehensive and covers topics in further detail than its previous version.

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Under the Pub Industry Framework code of Practice taking PEAT is a mandatory requirement for any new tenant or lessee who signs an agreement in England and Wales with a pub company or brewery who is a member of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA).

Following research and feedback from industry a full review has been conducted of the learning which involved key industry experts to ensure that the content is still fit for purpose and comprehensive. It will provide the learner with all the information they require in order for them to make a reasonable judgement and understand the complexities of the agreement that they are signing up to.

PEAT will continue to be delivered in an e-learning format as this provides learners with instant access to the learning, the flexibility to start and stop which can easily adapt around any busy work or home life and an instant certificate which will be provided to the learner on successful completion.



The learning will now cover 13 modules which include:
•    The Pub Industry
•    The Business Plan
•    The Pub Premises
•    Purchasing Obligations
•    Licensing and Compliance
•    Rent Assessment, Review and Renewals
•    Finances
•    Business Support
•    How to leave your pub
•    Complaints and Dispute Resolution
•    Good Advice
•    The Agreement
•    Legal Status of the UK Pub Industry Framework Code

As the content and information has significantly increased the average duration of completing the learning has also increased to between 4 and 5 hours.

To complete PEAT learners will be required to successfully pass the end test (pass mark is 18 out of 20) which will cover a range of questions and topics from within the learning.  


The cost of PEAT will be £75 + VAT and payment can be made through our secure online payment system.

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