Helping you to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, we put together information and resources to make changing restrictions, ideas and inspiration easy to find for BII members.

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From Our Support Guides (providing clear, actionable information), to specific pages on financial support and diversifying your business, BII members can find the material they need to safeguard their business and action it quickly.

Our key focus throughout the pandemic has been to bring our members information promptly and succinctly so that they have the tools to make changes in their business that will make a difference. 

Our Support Guides were formed as a response to this, so that we could share the key details of restrictions, financial support and key tips to those that needed someone to break down the paragraphs of new information, from an operator's perspective. 

 Workplace Reopening Guidance

This guidance covers topics such as test & trace, ventilation, taking payments and customer flow.

Learn more about our Covid-19 support for licensees

Our Support Guides

On hand to deliver information quickly and effectively, Our Support Guides cover everything from reopening checklists, available funding and restrictions.


Accessible to BII members and non-members alike, our FAQs have been created in collaboration with BBPA and UKH, helping to clear up some of the finer points from Government guidance as you reopen.

Financial Support

BII members have access to our Financial Support page that charts how to access funding, charitable support and deal with insurance claims.

Reopening Your Business

Packed with great links to relevant training, licensing queries and maintaining a covid-secure approach in your business.

Diversifying Your Business

If you are choosing to diversify and reap the rewards of a second income stream to fuel your recovery, BII members can access all the advice and ideas to help decide your next steps.

Data Collection

Now a Government requirement for access to your premises, we've put together guidance for BII members charting the information you need to gather and store safely, as well as printable sign in sheets.

Checklists and Posters

Our positive printable posters ensure your guests are engaged with the restrictions they need to adhere to. You're sure to make your customers smile.


From our directory of Trusted Partners, Shield Safety Group have been providing BII members with access to their Covid-19 Helpline, offering free risk assessments for reopening and beyond.

Top 3 Covid-19 links

Government Support Tracker

Created by the Government, this resource enables you to search for any funding your business is eligible for. Simply input a few details and you'll be met with options for grants and loans.

FSA: Food Delivery, Mail Order & Distance Selling

The Food Standards Agency has put together some information for businesses looking to diversify and sell products online or via distanced delivery systems.

Reopening your business in the hospitality sector [Free Online Course]

This training course allows learners to understand associated risks when reopening, identify policies, procedures, and training that need to be followed and how to effectively adapt your workspace to be safe.