Helping you to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, Your BII Team have put together all the information you need, in one place.

From Our Support Guides (providing clear, actionable information), to specific pages on financial support and diversifying your business, you'll find the material you need to safeguard your business.

Our Support Guides

On hand to deliver information quickly and effectively, Our Support Guides are here for you when you need to cut through to the guidance you need to action quickly.


Created in collaboration with BBPA and UKH, our frequently asked questions help clear up some of the finer points from Government guidance as you reopen, from marquees and payment, to use of the facilities and face coverings. If you have any questions please get in touch with us on [email protected].

Financial Support

Ensuring the health of your business means accessing grant funding as well as keeping an open mind when it comes to loans and other fundraising. Click through to read more.

Reopening Your Business

We've pooled together the latest information when it comes to reopening, but also working safely in collaboration with your staff.

Diversifying Your Business

While looking to reopen your business, you may have thought of diversifying to keep extra income streams to fuel your recovery. We've brought together advice and ideas to help you decide your next steps.

Data Collection

Guidance charting the information you need to take, how long to store it for and who needs to check in - including templates to print off should your guests not have access to their own smartphone.

Checklists and Posters

Our positive printable posters ensure your guests are engaged with the restrictions they need to adhere to. Checklists are also available for staff and customer data collection use.


Trusted Partners, Shield Safety Group, run the Covid-19 Compliance arm of our BII Helplines, as well as providing all members with their own risk assessment to help ensure all mitigation techniques are in place effectively.