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The Sustainability Champion Award has been created by the BII, and is awarded to those in the industry who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to running a sustainable business.

Click on any of the links below to read about the incredible work our champions are doing to build an eco-friendly future that's better for pubs, people and the planet.

The Crafty Cow - Bristol
The Crafty Cow is family friendly Independent Bristol pub with food and rooms situated on Gloucester Road in Horfield. They offer a wide range of drinks, including cask beer from some of Bristol’s finest breweries, and great food.

Graham Anderson heads up operations at The Crafty Cow and it is he who has been the driving force behind the implementation of several sustainable changes. 

The introduction of energy reduction measures has been a key area of success for Graham and the team, with new LED lightbulbs installed everywhere around the venue, including in the new letting rooms.

Furthermore, sustainable procurement is also an important factor in The Crafty Cow’s sustainability journey, with Graham keen to reduce his food and drinks miles through sourcing sustainable and locally produced ingredients for use in dishes and their wet offering. 

Another key project for Graham has been the introduction of split heating between the pub and the letting accommodation. This has helped to reduce both bills and overall consumption of energy via heating, ultimately making the business more sustainable. 

When it comes to the team, all staff are encouraged to walk to work where possible, and with a younger contingent, the green agenda is being pushed constantly to ensure that everyone stays on top of things. 

We are delighted to add Graham and his team at The Crafty Cow to our ever-growing list of sustainability champions.

You can view The Crafty Cow website
The Hand Post Hotel - Newport
Ideally located on the edge of Newport City Centre, The Hand Post Hotel offers both convenience and hospitality. With ample seating in one of two bars and a large beer garden, customers can eat, drink, and relax in a comfortable atmosphere while enjoying a host of lagers, beers, ciders and traditional ales.

Nicky Mackenzie, licensee at The Hand Post Hotel, has implemented a number of sustainable changes across different parts of the pub in order to move it towards a greener future.

Energy reduction measures including swapping out previously used incandescent and fluorescent lightbulbs for LEDs has seen The Hand Post Hotel reduce their consumption of energy via lighting by up to 85%. Timers and sensors have also been placed on both lighting and equipment to prevent unnecessary use of electricity.
Other sustainable measures such as composting any food waste and cutting out single use plastics in line with the new 2023 legislations has brought some more sustainable success for Nicky and the team, while a Beertech line cleaning systems installed in the cellar has helped to make the line cleaning process cleaner and more efficient.

Additionally, when it comes to the staff and customers of The Hand Post Hotel, these groups are encouraged to promote sustainable transportation on their journeys to the pub through the use of public transport, a bike or walking. Should they take part in this, incentives such as discounts or rewards are provided.

Nicky believes that it is very important for The Hand Post Hotel to lead on a sustainable future within the local community, with plans in place to extend his sustainable measures further by introducing timers on power points around the pub. 

We are extremely pleased to recognise Nicky and the team at The Hand Post Hotel as a BII Sustainability Champion.

You can view The Hand Post Hotel website
The Tyr Winch - Cardiff
The Tyr Winch, located in Cardiff, is a grade II listed building containing three open fires and flagstone floors.

Andrew Edwards and his wife Lorna were handed custodianship of this local favourite in June 2021, with the aim of returning the pub to its glorious former days at the heart of the community. 

The pub has been tastefully refurbished, including a number of green-led changes that have sent the pub on a path towards a more sustainable future.

To begin with, Andrew and Lorna have invested in modern, energy-efficient appliances as part of their refurbishment. Timers and/or sensors have also been placed on all lighting and equipment, and this coupled with the modern appliances ensures an overall reduction in energy consumption by the pub.

Furthermore, when it comes to waste reduction measures, recycling programmes have been implemented by Andrew and Lorna, meaning that less of the waste produced by the pub is going to landfill. The pair have also changed their menus with the aim of reducing waste. They now use pea shoots for garnish instead of side salads due to the volume of these that used to go to waste.

Along with aiming to reduce waste, sustainable procurement is another important area to Andrew and Lorna. They reduce their food and drinks miles by sourcing locally produced items, and aiming to only use Welsh products if possible.

Overall, the work by this innovative couple has been outstanding to get the pub to where it is currently, and we are delighted to recognise them as one of our Sustainability Champions.

You can view The Tyr Winch website
The Newbury - Newbury
The Newbury is a modern pub located in the heart of Newbury, Berkshire. Originally a Coaching Inn built in the 17th century, the pub has been through many changes over the years, but it has always been a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike.

Jamie Allen is the licensee of The Newbury and has implemented several sustainability-driven changes to move the pub on a path towards a greener future.

A key change that has brought about success for Jamie and his team is introducing timers on lighting and equipment. By doing this, it has ensured that no equipment is on for any longer than necessary, saving huge amounts of energy in the process.

Furthermore, waste reduction measures implemented by Jamie include composting his food and changing his menus to reduce waste. With this, customers are asked to clarify whether they would like to remove items such as side salads from the dishes they have ordered, should they know that they’re not going to eat it.

Jamie is also keen to ensure that his menu comprises of sustainable and locally produced ingredients. As a result of this, The Newbury has heavily reduced food and drinks miles, ultimately lowering its carbon footprint. 

When quizzed on what he is most proud of on the sustainability front, Jamie responds by sharing the details of a sustainability meeting that is held at the pub monthly and attended by ‘People Planet Pint’ – a sustainability-focused group that looks at plans to reduce carbon emissions and drive sustainability in the local pubs.

We are delighted to recognise the excellent work that Jamie and his team are doing by awarding them with Sustainability Champion status.

You can view The Newbury website
The King Charles Tavern - Newbury
The King Charles Tavern is located in Newbury on Cheap Street. Previously CAMRA’s pub of the year, it offers a warm, rustic, and comfortable interior with a delightful seasonal British menu.

As a Greene King tenanted site, The King Charles Tavern has seen a number of changes implemented that are in line with many of our other recently awarded BII Sustainability Champions.

Licensee, Joshua Khan, has been active on the energy reduction front by installing LED light bulbs in place of the previously used incandescent bulbs, ultimately improving The King Charles Tavern’s efficiency via lighting. Smart thermostats have also been installed which helps Joshua to be more aware of what is being expended on the energy front and adjust his behaviours accordingly.

With regards to waste reduction, Joshua has also successfully undergone huge change to cut out his usage of single-use plastics in line with the new regulations introduced in 2023, ultimately reducing the pub’s carbon footprint significantly. The installation of the new beertech line cleaning system has further helped reduce wastage at The King Charles Tavern, while reducing costs and increasing cleanliness in the process.

An emphasis on a reduced carbon footprint is a common theme throughout Joshua’s operational decisions, with locally produced ingredients and drinks forming the core of his menu. This means that food and drinks miles are further reduced which helps both from an environmental and costs point of view.

Finally, it is very important to Joshua that he promotes sustainable transportation. Staff and customers are heavily encouraged to use public transportation or walk to the pub, with both groups being provided with incentives such as discounts or rewards should they do so.

We are extremely pleased to award Joshua and his team at The King Charles Tavern with Sustainability Champion status.

You can view The King Charles Tavern Facebook page
The Beehive - Swindon
Just a stone’s throw away from Queen Park in Swindon, The Beehive is a perfect place for meeting friends, enjoying a family meal, listening to music, or just stopping in for a pint on your way home from watching the newest blockbuster in the cinema next door.

Andy Mercer heads up operations at The Beehive and has introduced a number of sustainability-driven changes to the pub.

To begin with, an emphasis on energy reduction measures has seen Andy swap LED lightbulbs for the previously used and less efficient incandescent bulbs. Andy has also installed smart thermostats, meters and timers across the pub which has helped to reduce overall carbon and electricity consumption.

One of the meters that Andy has introduced is a Beertech smart meter which helps maintain the correct cellar storage temperature and saves roughly 6000kws in energy for the business. This change helps to increase efficiency and reduce wastage with line cleaning, while ensuring that everything is clean and compliant in the process.

Furthermore, when it comes to the drink offering at The Beehive, everything is sourced and sold from local suppliers, exemplifying the emphasis that Andy has placed on reducing the drinks mileage of his products and supporting the local communities. 

All staff at The Beehive are based locally and are environmentally aware with their best practice both while they are working at the pub and in their daily lives, further supporting the green agenda. 

We are delighted to recognise Andy and all the team at The Beehive with a Sustainability Champion status, and we look forward to seeing their hard work continue in the future.

You can view The Beehive website
The New Bowling Green - Warwick
The New Bowling Green is a historic, Grade II listed, 15th century family run pub in Warwick with a great beer garden and renowned for its tasty homemade food.

Adam Dudley and Jess Hobbs head up operations at The New Bowling Green, with the pair being the two key players in moving the pub towards a more sustainable future.

A key change made by Adam and Jess has been cutting out the single-use plastics in line with the new laws that came into place in 2023. This previously provided a huge amount of the pub’s waste, and the change in operations has seen a massive reduction.

Furthermore, energy saving and smart monitoring technology has been implemented all across the pub, with LED light bulbs replacing the incandescent and smart thermostats making everyone aware of what is being expended on a day-to-day basis.

Sustainable procurement has also brought success for The New Bowling Green. Some of the fruit, vegetables and herbs used on the menu at the pub are sourced from the Head Chef’s allotment, along with some from the pub’s own garden. The garden is designed in a way that promotes sustainable growing and attracts wildlife, with The New Bowling Green officially recognised as Warwick’s first ‘Bee Friendly Pub’.

Waste reduction is another element of the sustainability journey that has been instrumental in moving the pub towards a greener future. With various recycling programmes in place, food waste has also been heavily reduced. All vegetable peelings and anything possible is used for stocks and sauces, while anything that can’t be used is composted.

When quizzed on the importance of a sustainable future in the local community, Jess is keen to stress what it means to her;

“It’s hugely important - a pub is the heart of the community and leading on sustainability in the local community is essential for creating a healthier, more prosperous, and more beautiful future for everyone. Every individual and community have a role to play in driving positive change towards sustainability, no one more than the local pub."

We extremely pleased to add The New Bowling Green to our ever-growing list of Sustainability Champions. Congratulations to Adam, Jess and the whole team.

You can view The New Bowling Green’s website
The Dove and Rainbow - Sheffield
The Dove and Rainbow is a modern, glass-fronted music bar located in Sheffield City Centre. Hosting live rock, metal, punk bands, as well as DJs, this wet-led venue is a local favourite for those who love their music and real ales.

With The Dove and Rainbow being a wet city centre pub without outside space, licensee Dawn Gunther has had to be innovative when it comes to introducing sustainable operations to the venue, as reducing food waste, and increasing kitchen efficiency are not possible due to their wet-led stock.

Dawn says that the main thing she has done to improve sustainability at her pub is engage with her pub company, Punch, on any sustainability issues. With Dawn on a five-year tenancy with Punch and the company not owning the building where the venue is situated, collaboration between the two parties has helped bring about success.

At the Dove and Rainbow, all cellar equipment and fridges are on timers and there are notes on every door to turn off lights when a room is not in use. The pub also has a new, more energy efficient boiler and cellar cooler, while Dawn hassaid that she is will be a ‘Guinea Pig’ for any new cellar technology that may become available in the future. 

Dawn can be credited as the driving force behind the sustainable change at the pub, with all staff now fully engaged in the energy reduction and recycling actions. All of the team also generally use public transport or walk to work, meaning that the pub’s passive carbon footprint is reduced further with this.

Punch’s ‘Pub Heroes’ initiative actively invite members, such as Dawn, to have their input and feedback from a small group of operators on all issues of sustainability. Dawn has been labelled one of the ‘go to’ publicans for sustainable operating. 

We are delighted to recognise The Dove and Rainbow with Sustainability Champion status.

You can view The Dove and Rainbow’s website
The Dog and Partridge - Stockport
Situated in Stockport, South Manchester, The Dog and Partridge offers a warm welcome to all, serving food daily with a wide range of ales and lagers.

The Licensee, Karen, who is popular with the locals, has implemented several changes to operations which have set the pub on the path towards a sustainable future.

Waste reduction has been the key factor in sustainable success for Karen, with many of her changes coming on this front. A number of recycling programmes are now commonplace at the pub, with all recyclable waste separated into glass, general recycling, and food waste bins. Bins are clearly labelled in different areas to ensure that staff put the correct waste in the correct bin.

Karen has also placed an emphasis on refilling chemicals and liquids from larger bottles, rather than buying small, singly-use bottles. This ensures there is less waste, and the same container can be used over again.

Sustainable procurement is another key area of Karen’s sustainable operations at The Dog and Partridge. Ingredients for both the food and drink offering at the pub are sourced from sustainable and local suppliers, while some is also grown in the garden of the venue. Additionally, although the garden area at the pub is large and well kept, Karen has elected to leave certain areas for wildlife and birds, aiming to attract as many different species and insects as possible.

We are delighted to recognise Karen and the team at The Dog and Partridge with Sustainability Champion status.

You can view The Dog and Partridge’s website

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