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The George & Vulture - London
The George & Vulture is a unique London pub that stands as the tallest pub in the city since 1870.

With a penchant for tradition and an eye for progression, licensee Charlie Baker and his team pride themselves on the quality measure of their humble Hoxton establishment. Their main offerings include craft beer and sourdough pizza.

Despite being an older, more traditional venue, Charlie and the team have introduced a modern way of operating, implementing sustainability-focused processes for all staff to follow.

A holistic view of his business pushed Charlie to be the driving force in the sustainable look of the venue, recognising that it would make them both more environmentally friendly and profitable at the same time. 

Initiatives introduced include the installation of smart thermostats and monitoring technology, enabling them to actively manage their energy usage. 

Moreover, Charlie has used the height of the building where the pub is located to his advantage. A number of plant-based ingredients that are used in the George & Vulture’s menu are grown on the rooftop, while there are also several bee hives that help to pollinate the produce grown there.

When it comes to recruiting staff, Charlie tends to conduct the process with specific values in mind, prioritising those new staff members who best fit company values. Existing staff also complete monthly training both in person and online to enable them to become more sustainable at the venue, but also engage in more sustainable practices in their personal lives, encouraging a wider promotion of best practice.

We are delighted to recognise Charlie and the whole team at this historic venue as BII Sustainability Champions.

You can view the George & Vulture website here

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