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The Ashcott Inn - Bridgwater
Run by Craig and Faye, The Ashcott in Bridgwater has been doing as much as they can to be sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Inside The Ashcott, all lighting has been changed to LED bulbs, in addition to the installation of energy-efficient appliances. Craig and Faye make sure to use monitoring technology to actively manage energy usage, alongside using timers and sensors to cut down on equipment energy usage when it’s not needed. 

Waste reduction is taken very seriously at The Ashcott, with implemented recycling programmes, composting processes and the cut down of single-use plastics. Menus will often change to accommodate the ingredients on hand and customers have the option to opt out of side salads to reduce meal wastage. Any excess food left over is donated to local animal welfare charities in the community.

The Ashcott source their products locally, together with growing their own ingredients in the pub garden. They have drastically cut down their carbon footprint and food mileage by growing their own produce and changing menu options to fit what they have from their garden. Their garden is also filled with plants for insects and wildlife, in the aim to increase the biodiversity in their outdoor spaces.

The Ashcott team regularly talk about what more they can do sustainably and are encouraged to use public transport and/or cycle or walk to work with discounts and rewards. 

The Ashcott Inn work hard with their community to provide sustainable and eco-friendly work practices and we are thrilled to award them with our Sustainability Champion Award.


You can visit The Ashcott Inn website here

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