Our annual BII celebration where we crown our Licensee of the Year, is usually held in June. This year on the 40th anniversary of the BII for the first time we hosted a event in Winter.

The event took place on 23rd November at Old Billingsgate, Winter Event was the perfect tonic to the year, giving us all a chance to celebrate the industry's strength shown over the past year and highlight the incredible talent and commitment of our nations' licensees.

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Our Summer Event 2022 is just round the corner...

We will be hosting our annual event next year in July 2022, keep your eye out for information of the event, tickets and about our LOYA22 award. 

See some faces from our Summer Event 2019!

David Hage & Mark Osborne - Our LOYA 2019 Winners!

"Winning gave us a great way to encourage other Midlands pubs to get involved and think 'we can do that too'"

Refreshments made for some easy-going networking time before lunch and the awards!

Paddy and Scott's coffee kept guests feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed!