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Sky's Everyone Loves a Local campaign in World Cup lead up

With the World Cup just days away, Sky has provided their customers with a helping hand ahead of the tournament. 
Working closely with their customers, Ad vans have been driving across England and Wales supporting and promoting Sky venues as the home of sport and the place to watch the World Cup.
This activity all forms part of Sky’s ‘Everyone Loves a Local’ campaign. The campaign puts pub, clubs into the spotlight, encouraging their customers to support them during the 28-day long tournament. In keeping with the supporting your local theme, Sky adorned the advertising vans with creative images of local footballing heroes who will be playing at the World Cup including Gareth Bale, Harry Kane and Phil Foden to celebrate the close link between local pubs and local football stars. 
Brian McDonald, licensee of The Canton Cross Vaults in Cardiff said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the van driving around the area and it had our name on it.  The advertising vans will help to put us firmly on the map. Every little bit of support is much welcome and needed and we’re looking forward to a successful World Cup for both pub and country!”

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