Your BII Team have collaborated with a whole host of industry experts, to bring you actionable information to help you manage your business.

The following pages include articles, insight, calculators and tools that you can download and save to your devices, as well as guides for you to refer back to.


Energy and Sustainability

We created page dedicated to helping our members with the current energy crisis. providing guides, advice and more...

Health & Safety and Compliance

We have created a page to cover all things health & safety, including compliance, with resources such as risk assessments.

HR & Employment

This section of our Resource Hub refers to material that can help you navigate through staff queries, including informative articles and even relevant training for you and your team.

Maintaining Your Pub

Whether you are looking to find out how to look maintain your cellar, keeping your kitchen up to code or want to know more about general maintenance, we have it all compiled in this sector for you.

Business, Finance & Legal

Helping your operation run smoothly all year round, we've compiled guides and articles on everything from financial advice, legal help or general business tips.

Sales & Marketing

Promoting your business with local customers, suppliers and businesses is key. Find out how other members market their pubs and see our guides on social media, running events and managing your website.