Energy Support

Zero Carbon Forum

Find out how Zero Carbon Forum can help you to make your pub more sustainable, and achieve net zero carbon with tools like their Carbon Calculator.

BII Energy Saving Guide

Our team have put together a simple guide on tips and information to help you save on energy wherever possible.

66 Energy Saving Tips

As costs rise for pub operators it is essential to monitor your overheads and make savings where you can. 

Every Little Counts - Energy Tips

Mark Holden shares his energy sustainability journey, with tips and tricks on what works for his multi-site pubs.


Warner's Nature Marque

Warner's Distillery's mission to educate and enable people to do their bit for nature.

Energy Bill Discount Scheme

A guide explaining the Energy Bill Discount Scheme, in place from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024.

Energy Cost Calculator

Our Energy Cost Calculator enables you to compare both electricity and gas prices when looking at kWh and standing charge rates.


Trusted Partners

Olympus Power

Voltage optimisers to reduce the amount of energy used, cutting energy bills and
carbon emissions.


Electric car chargepoints - complete solution including installation, and technology to commercialise them.


Nationwide, total waste management for hospitality & leisure.



Ofgem letter to non-domestic suppliers

Ofgem has written to all non-domestic suppliers to highlight concerning reports about challenges being faced by non-domestic customers.

Ofgem Complaints Process

Ofgem has provided advice on how to make a complaint about your energy supplier. Click here to find advice on the process.

Off Grid Gas Payments

Government information regarding Households, businesses and organisations off the gas grid that are eligible to receive energy bill support.