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Carla Morgan

New BII Member

Carla Morgan caught up with us to discuss how the BII was useful to her as a newcomer to the licensed trade, giving her access to the mentors and guidance she needed.

Carla Morgan recently joined the BII after completing her personal license course through the BIIAB. Impressed with the low cost of membership, Carla saw the BII as the perfect place to make connections with industry experts and seek crucial advice before launching into a small business venture.

We caught up with Carla and her business partner at the 2017 London AGM to hear more.

BII: Tell us about your business idea

So we want a venue, a simple like cocktail bar, but we want it to be quite experiential.  So there’s a lot of ideas in the mix… it’s kind of trying to find the venue, that’s the bit I’m at. 


BII: How is being a member at the BII useful to you at this point in your business?

I worked for [a drinks company] so when I left I still wanted to keep in the loop of things... and in terms of support I’ve got all the newsletters. I’ve spoken to a couple of people… a few people have helped me and they’ve just been really friendly and accommodating.

 I can call up the number and in less than three hours, I can be put through to a chairman of my region who has got so much experience… We spoke for like half an hour… so any information that I didn’t know he gave me.

At the moment. I keep getting at this bit (of trying to find a venue)…I don’t understand the risks involved in it so I need someone to be a bit more decisive.

In a weekend I was able to assess what I needed to do with my business and even though it hasn’t been [to go for the particular] opportunity, it did mean that I didn’t risk thousands of pounds… You know I think I need to speak to a few more people to find out what their biggest risks were in the business.  

BII: What benefit do you get from attending a BII event and bringing your business partner along?


‘She’s not from the industry… but now she’s come to it, she’s understanding. It benefits me bringing her - she’s getting an insight into my mind and what I want to do and it makes our relationship stronger.’

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