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Testimonials from our members

Have you used any of the member benefits? We'd love to know!

"Being a member of the BII has been a great help to me as Alcohol Licensing Officer with Hertfordshire Police. I have promoted your organisation and website to all the premises I oversee."

- Zoë Bousfield, Licensing Officer Broxbourne CSP


"I’ve been a member of the BII for nearly 18 years now and have used the benefits in fits and starts when I have needed them. I’ve called with queries about MRO when that first came up and have used Poppleston Allen for legal advice in the past too. I use the website regularly for the various Business Calculators – it’s just an easy place to go to for things like that."

- Peter Clements, The British Oak  


"Many thanks for the recommendation to speak with Harris Lamb...regarding our business rates at the pub, the advice from them was first class, extremely helpful, financially beneficial and we will definitely be speaking to them again in the future."

- Chris Herring, The Stirrup Cup

Have you used any of the member benefits?

We'd love to know!



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