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BII Regional Councils

The BII operates 10 regional councils throughout the UK so that our members are never far from someone who can help. Each region also hosts a programme of local events where members can get together to network and learn more about topical issues.

Our Chairs and their council members volunteer their time to coordinate the 10 BII regions, often alongside their day jobs as publicans, accountants, lawyers, and stock takers to name a few.

Each regional Chair and council member have direct experience working with or in the licensed trade, so are perfectly equipped to offer local advice and support to our members.

The details listed below can be used to contact our regional Chairs and council members for queries regarding upcoming events, business advice, mentoring and joining the BII.

Select a region from the list below:

Chair: Joanne Graham MBII

0770 1042113

 Deputy Chair: Katie McLaren

07968 810859

Treasurer: Stewart Fotheringham

07464 546686

Secretary: Niall Hassard

07500 120827

Council Member: Stephen McGowan

07879 848352

Council Member: David Wilson

07776 248010

Council Member: Frank Murphy

07812 144506

Council Member: Jonathon Whitten

07595 192411

Council Member: Alan Dunn

07787 891452

Council Member: Michael Thomas

07768 888491

Council Member: Iain McLaren

07918 646480

Chair: David Wigham FBII

07453 450455

Kelly McCarthy CBII

01904 744261

Michael Hughes FBII

07960 117776

Treasurer: David Jones MBII

07837 252932 

Secretary: Michelle Hazlewood MBII

0114 266 8664

07801 924 301

Council Member: Ashley McCarthy CBII

01904 744261

Council Member: Phil Strong MBII

07831 748329 

Council Member: Francis Patton CBII

07714 298825

Council Member: Rachel Crossland MBII

0789 123 9084 

Council Member: Liam O'Sullivan CBII

07949 828035

Chair: Glen Duckett MBII

01706 824477

Vice Chair: Emma Kearney MBII

01254 390084

07808 989019

Treasurer: Michael Reeve MBII

0774 8301570 

Secretary: Michael North MBII

07710 544437

Council Member: Sue Allen CBII

07860 386049

Council Member: Malcolm Roe MBII

01254 606790

Council Member: Malcolm Ireland MBII

07769 682045

Council Member: Robbie Stewart MBII

07863 876017

Council Member: Paul Mercer MBII

Council Member: Martin Sanderson MBII

01772 861536

Council Member: Bill Gallie MBII

01706 821184

Council Member: Steven Greenhalf FBII

01995 605987 

Council Member: Nora Johnston FBII

07759 641642 

Council Member: Paul Howarth FBII

07791 375088 



Chair: Sarah Halpin FBII

07442 491292

Deputy Chair: Steve Bramley MBII

07887 544752  

Treasurer: Helen Towsey MBII

07973 508406 

Secretary: John Miley CBII

07770 782212  

Council Member: Scott Collins FBII

0747 9916352 

Council Member: Mike Knight

Council Member: Michael Kheng

07971 841273 

Council Member: David Lucas MBII

0115 959 7139

07973 899398  

Council Member: Susan Pendrey FBII 

Council Member: Jeremy Scorer CBII

07813 194607 

Council Member: Chris Taylor

07447 665009 

Council Member: Paul Taylor FBII

07714 690403 

Chair: Jack Emery CBII

Chair: John Rackham FBII

0798 525 7658

Deputy: Stephen Williams CBII

0772 152 4304



Chair: Greg Mangham CBII

07831 248421

Treasurer: Tomas O'Mangain MBII

Council Member: Daniel Mackernan MBII

07807 999 964

Council Member: John Perry MBII

07710 603727 

Council Member: Dominic Green MBII

Council Member: Andy Newman MBII

Chair: Phil Davison CBII



Deputy Chair: Roger Smith FBII 


Treasurer: Sandra Purdy MBII


Secretary: David Queen CBII 


Council Member: Leon Banks FBII 


Council Member: Nigel Arkieson MBII 

Council Member: Tim Tempest 

Chairman: Ludovick Halik CBII 

Deputy Chair: Stephen Trezona MBII  

Treasurer: David Mountstephens FBII 

Secretary: Catherine Halik CBII 

Council Member: John Williams CBII 

Council Member: Reg Clarke CBII 

Council Member: Alex Williams FBII 

Council Member: Amy Newland MBII