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Marking the exceptional triumphs of the licensed trade

With the NITAs 2020 now in judging stages we wanted to show you all our finalists for the categories we have run.

Three new awards joined our line-up for the National Innovation in Training Awards this year! In recognition of all the support and effort that has been targeted at overcoming the challenges of this year, the awards will recognise the 'best of the best' when it comes to training and development in the licensed trade.

While the usual awards ceremony was not be possible this year, we passionately believe that those at the heart of recruitment, retention, development and wellbeing of their teams needed to be recognised for the incredible contributions made.

Scroll down to meet our winners!

Only A Pavement Away, Yummy Pubs & Paul Pavli
Hospitality Support Programme

We would like to extend our upmost thanks to everyone who took the time to enter our awards this year.

We are also so appreciative of all our fantastic sponsors, including Sky who have supported both our NITAs 2020 and our Heart of the Community Award too!

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