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BII What our Members say

What our Members say...

“I joined the BII for professional recognition and the training it could offer, I now benefit from all of the purchasing services, advice lines and the network of contacts that are invaluable. The BII gives me a competitive edge over my peers and an insight into all aspects of the industry, I fully recommend membership.”

Chris Lewis CBII, The Lewis Partnership 


“The cost savings that can be achieved from suppliers by being a member of the BII alone more than covers the cost of membership. Add to that the regular industry news updates and extremely helpful insights and resource via their magazine makes membership crucial to all Licensees.”

Bill Donne FBII, Managing Director, Taquitos Bar and Grill Ltd 


“In an industry where reputation is everything, BII membership can only be a plus, it attracts immediate recognition from others in the industry.”

Richard Sealtiel FBII The All New Surbiton Flyer Pub & Kitchen


Now, more than ever is the time to join the only professional body dedicated to supporting people like you.

Join the BII today!

Expert advice, guidance, helplines, mentoring, qualifications and a range of free and discounted business services that you won’t find anywhere else – for less than the price of a pint each week!

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