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Beer Marque – Driving Quality Standards

Cask Marque is taking the learnings from cask beer and will apply them to all beer with the launch of a new accreditation scheme – Beer Marque.

To gain 'Beer Marque' accreditation outlets must:

  • Pass a cellar inspection to ensure they are using best practice to deliver beer quality and reduce losses from wastage
  • Use appropriate branded glassware and ensure glasswashing machines are kept in good working order
  • Ensure ice machines are hygienically maintained – very relevant after recent criticism
  • Train barstaff to present the perfect pint
  • Pubs will be given a Beer Experience star rating based on the above.


The scheme will tackle a number of key issues:

  • Pubs over-ranging and thus selling beer of poor quality due to lack of throughput
  • Dirty lines - 1 in 3 pints is served via beerlines overdue a clean
  • Temperature issues - 22% of sites serving beer are outside brewers’ recommended temperature specification
  • Knowledge - barstaff know little about beer and how to serve

(Vianet stats)


Cask Marque has undertaken over 7,000 cellar inspections and the average score is 3 star. The industry must drive up standards to maximise outlets’ profitability from beer. Through Cask Marque’s 55 assessors it can deliver 1-2-1 training in best practice and highlight the commercial benefits.

Paul Nunny, Director of Cask Marque, said: “Customers expect a great beer experience when in the pub. Quality and serve are of utmost importance to them. The pubs’ reward is in more sales and less waste. This accreditation allows us to engage with the major brewers who also recognise the importance of a quality product.”

Inspections start this month, backed by a trade marketing campaign with a consumer programme due in 2020 when it is hoped there will be over 2,000 plaques on walls. The aim is to champion 15,000 pubs that deliver the great beer experience to their customers.