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Calorie labelling outside of the home

BII CEO Mike Clist comments on the Government launch of the public consultation on calorie labelling...

Following the Government launch of the public consultation on calorie labelling yesterday, CEO BII, Mike Clist commented:

“The BII are concerned that Government is considering yet more red tape, thus increasing the costs of running pubs that are already under severe pressure from the impact of business rates, sugar tax, auto enrolment pensions, beer duty and many other areas of legislation that add costs to our members’ businesses.

Dealing with allergens, making the most of seasonal produce and keeping menus varied and interesting in a competitive marketplace, makes offering food in pubs challenging enough without the pressure of calorie counting. A visit to a pub or restaurant is normally a celebration or treat and surveys have told us that even in venues that do give advice on the number of calories contained in a meal, it is often ignored.

We believe that the beneficial effects of pubs in counteracting loneliness and making pubs the centre of their local communities are far more important issues to consider, which is why we have joined in and are supporting the #longlivethelocal campaign. We will be encouraging Government to look at reducing the overall tax burden on our pubs and to announce the reform of business rates as well as reducing rates and duty at the next budget. ”

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