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Digital Update: Why is no one liking your posts?

There are some simple rules to follow to get maximum results from your online posts.

It can be extremely frustrating to spend time boosting your pub’s social media presence with a load of posts, only to have no-one 'like' them.

Digital expert Ed Davies looks at how to change this…


Why is no one liking your posts?

If your page has a thousand followers but your posts only get five likes, it’s usually a sign. A sign your posts are rubbish.

Facebook’s algorithm is nearly as confusing as the Marvel films when you’re not into comics, but it’s there for a reason: to protect Facebook’s users from seeing too much spam. So if you’re seeing results like this to your posts, it means you’re (maybe accidentally) spamming.


What do we mean by spam?

It’s just unsolicited promotions. Think about it – when you’re on Facebook, are you scrolling the newsfeed to look at adverts? Or are you on it to see what’s going on with your friends and family and for a bit of relief from the real world?

Funnily enough, so are your customers.


They have liked/followed your page. This doesn’t mean they solely want to see adverts coming from you every day of the week. It means that, at one point, they wanted to feel like they were supporting you. Or quite possibly, they liked you to enter a competition and have no interest in your pub at all, other than potential freebies…


So we’ve established your engagement rate is rubbish. Because you’re spamming your page-likers. What can you do about it?


Look at what Facebook’s algorithm, and Facebook users, want:

  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Entertaining

It can be summed up as ‘infotainment’. The kind of thing that they will engage with, without bribing them through a competition. A funny picture that made them stop the scroll and hit the ha-ha emoji. Or a piece of news that they thought their mate would like, so they tagged them in the comments.


That kind of thing will see more people liking your content. Which sends a signal to Facebook that your page is not spamming people. That it IS posting interesting, engaging and informative posts.


So Facebook releases the brakes a little on your page. Your posts will start going out to more people, without boosting. More engagement, more reach. This one sentence has done me well over a decade of using Facebook for businesses - get engagement and more people will see your content. More reach, more people aware of your business. It’s the spiral that you want – more engagement leads to more people seeing your page and your posts, which leads to more engagement…It’s not a tactic or a hack – it’s simply understanding why people are on Facebook and posting what they’re most likely to react to.


Nobody ‘likes’ an advert that they see. So unless you’re paying Facebook to push it onto more people, your ‘advert’ won’t reach many of your page-likers.

And by advert, I mean things like:

  • Listing the next 6 football games you’re showing, in separate posts, on one day
  • “Don’t Forget” posts - posted the same time with the same words and image every week
  • A photo of the poster you’ve been sent to promote the live music you’ve got on


Should you promote your events and products? Absolutely! But not on every single post.

But what should you post instead?


Inspirational Quotes?

Photo-shopped images of food?


It depends on your audience.


Imagine you’re at the bar, and your customers are at the bar as well. What are they talking about?

Last night’s Game of Thrones?

The football?

Where they’re going on holiday this year?


Start posting about those things, IF they are relevant to your business (even if it’s a tedious link).


Follow the 80:20 rule for a month: 4 posts that entertain or inform (infotain) your page-likers to 1 post advertising your service or product.

Keep that ratio, and try not to post more than once per day. See how that impacts your reach and engagement rate without boosting.


Remember, you need their attention before they have any chance of seeing what you’re advertising. Train your audience to ‘like’ your posts by being on point, interesting and entertaining most of the time.


Then when you do post an advert, it’ll do a lot better.

Ed Davies is a digital consultant who works within the licensed retail sector.

For more information go to or head on over to his free Facebook group, At The Bar.