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Free Mental Wellbeing Tools by Harri

Now is the time to look after people's mental and emotional states, helping them navigate the current challenges and helping employers help and support their employees in these difficult times.

To this end, Harri are delighted to be launching Mental Wellbeing Support Courses, from our partners at Mind in Haringey and Upskill People, for absolutely no cost. 

What is it?

Access to Harri’s Online Training Platform with the following courses for free:

  • Let’s Talk About Stress from Mind: helps you understand what stress is, how you can spot it and what the mental health impacts are. A great 15 minute briefing for all employees.
  • Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders from Mind: provides support to spot the symptoms of anxiety, along with information about effective coping strategies. Another great 10-15 briefing for all employees.
  • Managing People, Wellbeing from Upskill People: provides high quality, situational learning for Managers/Supervisors on how to look out for and approach team members with mental health issues as well as give them the confidence to remove stigma and create a culture of communication/empathy either digitally or in person. A great taster of the amazing 7 part Managing People series to grow your managers skills and measure the impact on your business.

“During the current emergency, any hospitality operator will be able to sign up for free resources and courses. These will be available for all hospitality employees on the topics of mental health & well being, in conjunction with Upskill People & the MIND charity. In the future, those companies hiring through HospitalityUnite site are happy to redeploy these people back to their previous role when market conditions improve,” said Pete Willis, Director of Harri.

“Study after study shows that looking after employees well-being is one of the top predictors of organisational success, even during our current uncertain and, at times, volatile situation that does not change. Therefore increasing awareness and understanding of important mental health issues when many may be feeling stressed and anxious or could be managing a team who could be going through more, should be at the top of every employer's people agenda. We at Harri wanted to support businesses under pressure to support team members now, through the online briefings and manager program all for free. By doing this we know that it will prepare them for what comes next; being an employer of choice for the future,” said Tom Howes - Head of Talent Development Technologies at Harri.

The initiative, which is part of an international effort by Harri, providing similar services in all its global markets, including the USA, already has the support of a number of UK hospitality companies. The Mind Tools are available to everyone in hospitality and Tourism.

Access the mental health training here.