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Handling Mental Health Issues At Work

Mental health is increasingly under the spotlight, and the Licensed Trade Charity is at the forefront of efforts to enhance understanding of it within the drinks trade.

A free industry helpline (0808 801 0550) gives pub and bar people valuable assistance and support on a range of issues from money worries to housing, health and retraining, with the option of up to six free counselling sessions to help staff directly with mental health issues.


With 1 in 4 people set to experience some form of mental health issue this year, and 1 in 6 working age adults having symptoms associated with poor mental health, mental illness is common, and costly when it results in sick leave. Here the Licensed Trade Charity’s helpline provider, Care First, reveals how to create a positive environment for your team and deal effectively with mental health issues…


A healthy and happy workplace


A healthy and happy workplace ideally go together so ask yourself, “What can I do to look after myself and promote good mental health at work?”  As individuals we can all contribute in creating a positive environment in which to work, one that’s good for our mental health and wellbeing. We can be respectful toward each other and of each other’s feelings. The workplace is where we go to carry out our duty, and to have purpose. Therefore ensuring staff are able to actively contribute and feel worthwhile in their roles enables us to achieve this.


People who are low mentally will often hide their feelings, so don’t expect them to tell you if they are struggling. This means you need to be aware of others and notice when they may be down.  If they are, don’t be afraid to make that initial approach and ask if any help or support is needed. Listen to the views of others (even if they contradict your own) and respect difference.


Recognising employees as individuals


In terms of mental health, one size does not fit all and differences need to be acknowledged.

We live in the same world, yet have very different experiences of it based on our life situation past and present.


Having “time to talk” as individuals is really important, giving employees an opportunity to have a voice either one to one or in team meetings where they can share their views, worries, hopes and ambitions without fear of being ridiculed, ignored or devalued.


It is easier to ask how you keep yourself fit physically rather than mentally, but the two are linked and equally important. So how do you look after your mental health? Within the work place things you can ensure take place amongst your team – like talking to others, taking regular breaks, feeling valued and being heard – all contribute to positive wellbeing.


Take your knowledge further


A grant from the Worshipful Company of Innholders has enabled the Licensed Trade Charity to set up mental health training days across the country in 2019 for pub managers. This valuable initiative will enable them to develop greater knowledge of the most common mental health issues in the workplace and give them the confidence to deal with difficult situations that arise.


The first two events taking place in 2019 are:

·         15th January – Birmingham

·         26th February – London


With nine further dates to come throughout the year, don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about how to enhance staff welfare and deal effectively with mental health issues.

Register your interest in attending one of the free Mental Health Training events here.