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Having a social conscience

When it comes to your marketing strategy, it is incredibly important to stay on top of the right information and therefore the trends. And when you look at all marketing tactics, social media is the one that keeps changing at a constant pace. If you don’t stay on top of the trends there you will be left behind.

We are scrolling and scrolling through our phones and taking in so much information but we are not really clicking too much any more. Yes, if something is fantastic, we will like it or put a comment underneath or maybe tag a friend in, but clicking on links and going out to external websites for external pieces of content is getting harder and harder to get your customers to do.


It’s not just about clicks

Something I think that all marketeers should take on board is that these days just measuring the clicks on your content isn’t going to tell the whole picture. What you need to be looking at is your reach, your impressions, your video views.

So how many people are sucking in this information but not reacting? 
It is an important point because I think there are a lot of people that go into social media and think right ‘we are going to get some sales, some leads’ when actually a lot of the time social media is really about branding and awareness. It is about getting people thinking about your pub on a regular basis, talking to their friends about your pub offline, getting people to come into your pub or restaurant because of a post they have seen on social media. That shift in our attitude to social media needs to change.


Seeing the whole picture

How do you think about using other tactics alongside social media? For example, if you are promoting a new menu or you have a promotional campaign running on a particular product, you really need to think about the whole picture. How many emails are you going to send during that campaign? What’s your in-pub experience going to be like to support the campaign? How are you going to drive people using Instagram stories? You can’t go in focusing just on one part.


Customer engagement

It is tricky but in terms of branding, a great brand on social media is one that looks amazing but also is one that is engaging with customers. So for example if I message a pub on Twitter, if I don’t get a quick response then I am going to feel negatively about that pub. Sprout Social did a report at the end of last year that said the average customer expects a response on social media within an hour. So who in your business can be representing your business online? Are there different staff you can use to cover the necessary media over the course of the day and evening? Or is one of your team a prolific tweeter who could take this on as part of their role?

Whatever you decide, the best version of engagement is a true, honest two-way conversation with customers. They should be asking us about what we like and don’t like and what we should try next. I think that is something not enough businesses are doing, letting customers be part of the big decisions. 



Who are your ambassadors?

It should not just be about your employees, have you got ambassadors? Have you got an loyalty programme for your VIP customers? If so, could they be talking/tweeting about you. What about influencers? I was talking to Alison Battisby, who founded Avocado Social, having worked in the social media marketing industry since 2008, on one of my podcasts earlier this year, and she pinpointed influencer outreach as probably the biggest trend at the moment in terms of PR online. Getting influential people to talk about your business on a regular basis.



Batch content

My main advice is to make sure you have brilliant content ready to go. One of the key trends over the last year, is to have ‘batch content’, getting a load of content done in a day, so you can plan it out and make it the best it can be. When you launch a new menu take the time to photograph it properly, create videos of your chefs in action, even video launch night testimonials from your customers. Then drip feed it out to your followers over the coming weeks. On Instagram, particularly, your content needs to be amazing, people want to scroll through a beautiful feed in the food and drink world, and if your content/feed isn’t up to scratch they won’t follow you.

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