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HMRC Update: Autumn schedule for online tax support

HMRC has updated its online directory and launched a number of new webinars for small businesses submitting their tax online...

HMRC Update: Autumn schedule for online tax support


As we look ahead to the January tax return deadline, it is worth checking now that you are keeping the correct records and understand what expenses you can claim against tax as a self-employed person.

HMRC’s YouTube channel has many useful videos including ‘Tailor your tax return’ and ‘Your self-employed tax return’ – available to view anytime.

Or you can catch up with the following recorded webinars – part of a series designed to help you complete your tax return:


How to complete your online tax return: We’ll show you how to tailor your return, complete the self-employment pages and send your tax return online before the deadline.

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Business expenses for the self-employed: This webinar tells you what business expenses are allowable, including travel, hotel accommodation, premises costs and using your home. Find out how simplified expenses can save you time too.

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You can also get the help you need regarding allowable business expenses and VAT record keeping with this selection of online support.

Try the online guide, 'Business expenses for the self–employed' that you can dip in and out of anytime and at your own pace.

HMRC’s YouTube channel also hosts a range of useful short videos including:

Capital Allowances for the self-employed: If you use traditional accounting, this webinar shows you how to claim for the longer life items you buy for your business, such as vans, tools or machinery.

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Not joined a webinar (online presentation) before? This guide will tell you what you need to do.


If you’re self-employed, it’s also important to know how to claim your motoring expenses and keep good business records.

These recorded webinars are a good way to find out the basics on:

There’s also a short HMRC YouTube video 'Calculating motoring expenses'.


Car expenses for the self-employed: This covers what you need to know about claiming for cars using the simplified expenses method or by calculating the actual costs, leasing a car and personal contract purchases.

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Record keeping for the self-employed: It’s essential to have a good records system. Find out how to set one up, what to record and how long to keep records for in this interactive webinar.

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