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Licensing Reminder: British Summer Time

Unless you have a specific provision on your licence to cover the clocks going forward on March 31st, you may wish to consider applying for a Temporary Event Notice

British Summer Time (or as it may be more properly called Daylight Saving Time) starts at 1am Sunday 31 March 2018. This means that at 1am on that Sunday, the time becomes 2am. This means you could lose an hour's trade if your licence doesn't cover the clocks going forward, the other option being to apply for a TEN.


Licensing basics: Temporary Event Notices (TENs)

A TEN allows an unlicensed premises to provide licensable activities or a premises that is already licensed to temporarily:

  • Extend its hours of trading
  • Provide a licensable activity not currently permitted
  • Suspend a licence condition.


There are two types of TEN:

  1. A 'standard' TEN where more than 10 clear working days' notice is provided to the authorities
  2. A 'late' TEN where only 5 to 9 working days' notice is provided.


Late TENS are sometimes unavoidable but they will be automatically refused if they receive an objection from the Police or EHO. Accordingly, late TENs should only be used as a last resort.


Numerous rules apply to TENs, including:

  • Maximum number of persons restricted to 499.
  • Only 15 TENs per calendar year can take place at the same premises.
  • Maximum total duration of periods covered by TENs at the same premises is
  • 21 days.
  • Maximum period over which a TEN can last is 168 hours.
  • Minimum period of 24 hours between events at the same premises when given by the same user (or associate).
  • Personal licence holders are permitted to submit 50 TENs per calendar year.
  • Non-personal licence holders are permitted to submit 5 TENs per calendar
  • year.


When it comes to TENs, you should consider:

  • Are you using your quota?
  • Is there enough time before your event?
  • Are there local events where you might benefit from extended hours or National sporting events you could screen, for which TENs are required?
  • Have you considered if you are adequately covered for Bank Holidays or whether later hours would be of a benefit to you?