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Licensing reminder: Preventing drink driving

The festive period brings a number of campaigns designed to discourage drink driving

Previous campaigns have focused on the influence that friends, colleagues and family members can have on those around them, by making people think twice before drinking and getting behind the wheel.

Operators and staff of licensed premises have not only an influence, but an obligation under the licensing objectives, to prevent crime and disorder and promote public safety. 

Being pro-active across the festive period to potential drink drivers on your premises can avoid both criticism of undermining the licensing objectives and potential criminal offences by assisting or encouraging drink driving.

By way of example, a premises whose staff continue to serve excessive amounts of alcohol to a customer, when it is clear they could be driving (and then they go on to do so) may lead to a review of the Premises Licence in addition to criminal charges.


Premises can consider a number of points across the festive period to avoid this pitfall:

  • Reviewing staff training on the refusal of alcohol;
  • Provision of taxis either through providing numbers or arranging a link with your local taxi company to provide visual presence over the Christmas period;
  • Monitoring the external use of car parks at your venue and liaising with your staff and security (if deployed) regarding the same;
  • The promotion of a Designated Driver’s area at the bar with soft drinks and non-alcoholic products available to buy, to assist those driving but enjoying your establishment without alcohol.


Make sure you maximise the festive period for your premises and avoid St Nick’s Naughty List!


BII members can call the Licensing Helpline any time about this or any other issue on: 0330 058 3878