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Licensing reminder: The Rugby World Cup 2019

Here we look at what you need to consider around licensing in your venue for these early fixtures...

As The Rugby World Cup takes place in Japan, which is 8 hours ahead of UK time, there will inevitably be logistical challenges for premises wishing to show the games and provide licensable activities. Many premises will use TENs as a means of showing key matches outside of their normal licensed hours, and many will be offering an enhanced breakfast menu, and a greater range of soft drinks, teas and coffees. It is also important to consider and communicate shift changes for staff, especially in the kitchen, well in advance of the event.

Full details of all the fixtures and up-to-date information can be found on the Rugby World Cup Website.

Below is a reminder from BII Marketplace Partner TLT Solicitors of the last dates for getting in paperwork for TENs or late TENs in order to ensure you can make the applications in time for the games. Some of the games kick off after 11am and therefore a TEN might not be necessary, but these are also shown for completeness.

Home Nation matches


MATCH DATE & TIME                                                                   TEN          LATE TEN 

Scotland V Ireland - Sunday 22 September 8:45am        6.9.19         13.9.19

England V Tonga - Sunday 22 September 11:15am        6.9.19          13.9.19

Wales V Georgia -  Monday 23 September 11:15am       6.9.19          13.9.19

England V USA -  Thursday 26 September 11:45am      11.9.19         18.9.19

Ireland V Japan -   Saturday 28 September 8.15am       13.9.18         20.9.18

Wales V Australia -  Sunday 29 September 8:45am       13.9.18         20.9.18

Scotland V Samoa -  Monday 30 September 11:15am    13.9.18        20.9.18

Ireland V Russia - Thursday 3 October 11:15am             18.9.19        25.9.19

England V Argentina - Saturday 5 October 9am             20.9.19        27.9.19

Scotland V Russia -  Wednesday 9 October 8:15am       24.9.19       1.10.19

Wales V Fiji - Wednesday 9 October 10:45am                   24.9.19       1.10.19

England V France - Saturday 12 October 9:15am            27.9.19       4.10.19

Ireland V Samoa - Saturday 12 October 11:45am             27.9.19       4.10.19

Wales V Uruguay - Sunday 13 October 9:15                      27.9.19       4.10.19

Scotland V Japan - Sunday 13 October 11:45am              27.9.19      4.10.19


The knockout stages:

Quarter finals weekend - 19 and 20 October

8.15 and 11.15 kick off times

TEN - 4.10.19/LATE TEN 11.9.19 - for both dates

Semi finals weekend - 26 and 27 October

8.15 and 11.15 kick off times

TEN - 11.10.19/ LATE TEN 18.9.19 - for both dates

Third place play-off - Friday 1 November

9am kick off

TEN - 17.10.19/ LATE TEN 24.10.19

Final - Saturday 2 November

9am kick off

TEN - 18.10.19/LATE TEN 25.10.19


NOTE: The above games cover 20 days, of a maximum allowance of 21 days covered by TENs in a calendar year. However, grouping together games on consecutive days into single TENs means that you can just about do it, using 11 TENs to cover the 20 days.


If you need any advice on this or any other licensing issue you can call the free BII helpline on 0330 058 3878