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LTC and HJUK join forces

Recruitment experts at HJUK have partnered with the Licensed Trade Charity to provide 4 sessions on how best to prepare your CV and yourself for the job market and interviews.

Join Dawn Redman, Founder & Director of Hospitality Jobs UK and Carolyn Jenkinson, Head of Charity Services for the Licensed Trade Charity, for a coffee and a chat as they launch the Everything you need to know about the jobseeker journey Series.

The series will run across four episodes, as follows: 

Click for more details and to take part.

  • How to start your job search, from no CV, to a great CV - 10am - 17th Feb 2021
  • Promoting yourself!  Which social platforms to use and perfecting your personal brand - 10am - 24th Feb 2021.
  • Keep going! Staying motivated and resilient during your job search - 10am - 3rd Mar 2021.
  • Help I've got an interview! Tips to prepare, be successful and using feedback - 10am - 10th Mar 2021. 
  • Access is completely free, just head to the Hospitality Jobs Board YouTube channel on the stated times. 

If you have a question relating to each topic, tweet it to @ltcharity using the hashtag #timetotalkjobs or email 

Don’t take rejection personally, keep going, and if you’re finding the process is getting you down and you need to talk to someone call our helpline 0808 801 0550.