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Meet the Finalist: Danny & Tara Adams

Find our more about our six Licensee of the Year Award finalists and the fabulous venues they operate...

Danny & Tara Adams

The Greyhound - Wadworth - Bromham


What made you enter the Licensee of the Year Award?

After years of honing our offering, tweaking and getting service, training, food and drinks offer how we want them to give the best possible customer experience, we felt that the time was right to enter.


What has been your experience of the judging process so far?

At first very nerve wracking but we actually enjoyed the whole process; it has been really insightful to us putting our business under the microscope!

We particularly appreciated the HGEM (mystery customer) feedback and have already made slight additions to our retailing to help our customers.


What qualities do you think have got you and your pub to this final stage in LOYA? 

We have an ethos of care and high levels of attention to detail; from looking after our pub, to training our teams, from identifying each individual customer’s needs to providing the best customer service. It is taking a ‘warts and all’ approach to everything.

We like to think that this has shone through and got us to our final stage - we believe in quality and consistency in everything we do. Maintaining that high standard, running a happy motivated team and providing everything at a ‘great’ level within our business  is vital.


What do you think winning LOYA would do for you and your business?

With 5 generations of publicans in our family, it would mean the world. To be recognised as LOYA by such a prestigious organisation, one that is known nationally and respected hugely within our trade, would be amazing and we would be massively proud.

For our business it would mean giving us national exposure and which will be a positive thing, putting us on the map nationally and ultimately increasing footfall. The award would give confidence to new customers and also pride for our regular customers - knowing that their pub provides a great quality experience every time they visit.


What do you see as the key challenges for today’s licensees?

Just the two of us managers can’t pull it off, we need the team. That would be my advice to any publican – to treat everybody well. If you’re washing up or if you’re a manager, everybody should be treated with the same respect. You can’t produce great food if someone isn’t washing up your plates to a good standard


How do you motivate your team?

Positive encouragement and investing in their training to progress their career with us. We look after the well-being of our teams too, providing support and guidance by being approachable. It's important to have a flexible and realistic approach to management too – understanding that life happens.

We also ensure all our team are briefed on the food menus / drinks on the bar.


What has been the most successful new idea you have introduced to your business recently?

Our pub 'The George' is idyllic on the edge of Laycock – quite a touristy area, with chocolate box houses and thatched cottages, it’s quintessentially English.

So when we said we were putting in a carvery, a lot of people thought ‘what?!’ But it’s worked! Since opening we do over 100 meals a day.


Most unusual drink in your venue? Bestselling drink in your venue?

Most unusual is Horizon Chilled, a golden cask ale put through a chiller and served at 8 degrees. 

Our bestselling drinks are standard lager (Fosters 2,270) and ale (Wadworth IPA 2, 073).


What could you not do without in your day to day life as a licensee?

Tara: Coffee and Danny. He is the engine of this whole business and I simply could not do it without him. Everything, all our business plans and ideas, are worked out together. We are always talking about how to bring the business forward – we have fantastic support from our team and the brewery team but I could not do it without Danny.

Danny: Customers! You can’t have your business without your customers!!! Hitting the right balance between hospitality and business is vital.