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Meet the Finalist: Michelle Frankgate

Find our more about our six Licensee of the Year Award finalists and the fabulous venues they operate...

Michelle Frankgate

The Drayton Court Hotel - Fuller's - Ealing, London


How did you get into the licensed trade? My parents had a village pub when growing up, and after my A levels I joined Thistle hotels management program.

After working in various business I settled in the pub trade and haven’t looked back.


Tell us a bit about your venue and why people should visit: We are a great hotel in Ealing with easy connections to London. Our amazing beer garden – the biggest in London - is perfect for a sunshine drink and game of ping pong. Or you can join us for one of the many events we host throughout the year


What made you enter LOYA? I feel we had a fantastic 3 years and wanted to shout about it.


What has been your experience of the judging process so far? Really enjoyed it, it’s very tense and puts the pressure on.


What qualities do you think have got you and your pub to this final stage in LOYA? I love shouting about my team and the achievement we have made.


What do you think winning LOYA would do for you and your business? Personally it would be a great achievement and a huge honour and reward for the hard work I have put in.


What do you see as the key challenges for today’s licensees? Staff turnover - the uncertainty of Brexit raises concerns about staff being allowed to stay in the country. Plus keeping up with minimum wage, and the price rise of beer.


How do you motivate your team? By getting them involved in as much as possible, plus Haribo always works.


What’s one thing you would tell your younger self starting out? To enjoy every moment. Every day is a school day and trust me - you don’t know everything ever.


How do you ensure excellent customer service every time? Holding team meetings, training and employing the right people.


What’s the best part of the job you do? Watching my team grow and develop. Also seeing a bride and grooms first dance, jsut knowing you have made their wedding day happen.


What advice would you give to someone starting out as a licensee? Get your team involved and delegate to help you achieve more.


Bestselling drink in your venue?

Bestselling after beers is Gin & Tonic – we have over 25.


What could you not do without in your day to day life as a licensee?

Coffee and a pen.