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Menu Matters

Inspiration for pub caterers from Laurence Tottingham, development chef at Oliver Kay Produce, whose CV includes Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck and Hinds Head pub.

Fresh Thinking

Seasonal produce ideas for your menu this February and March:

January King Cabbage – UK grown and available until early March, it is similar to a Savoy but with a slightly sweeter taste and purple streak on its leaves, which adds great colour to the plate.

For a tasty side dish, shred the cabbage and mix with bacon, or quarter and braise, or use shredded through a Scotch broth.

Italian Blood oranges – add some zest to your menu until April with these beauties, which come into season after the first frost in Italy, which triggers the oranges’ internal colour to change red.

Add orange rind to carrots for a tasty side dish or use in desserts such as this blood orange posset, granita and jelly.

Yorkshire forced rhubarb - available until March, this delicately flavoured fruit can add some pink power to your menu. Serve poached with smoked mackerel and beetroot; peel and add raw to give a fresh twist to coleslaw, or create a rhubarb and custard inspired dessert.


On-Trend Ingredients

Pulled salt beef

Both versatile and cost-effective for pub menus. Create juicy sandwich fillings, classic salt beef bagels or a warm salad. Add interest to breakfast/brunch menus with a hearty salt beef hash or use shredded salt beef to create a delicious Scotch egg. See more ideas at


Event opportunity

This year’s British Pie Week takes place from 4 to 10 March and offers an excellent opportunity to earn some extra crust. In addition to offering comforting classis such as beef pie using shin and oxtail cuts, ensure you also have a plant-based pie for vegans and flexitarians on offer. Ideas include a Wild Rice, Button Onion, Mushroom & Ale Pie.

For something different try this pork, rhubarb and ginger pie which works as part of a sharing platter or as a light bite. 


Be resourceful

Save money and reduce waste by being more creative with food you might typically throw away. Toast butternut squash seeds and use as a garnish, slice broccoli stalks and feature as part of a salad, and you can also char broccoli and radish leaves to use in salads. Use leftover vegetables to make pickles or kimchi to accompany dishes.


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