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New report from the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership

Find out more about the many initiatives the alcohol industry are supporting in Scotland...

The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP) have launched a new website and produced a report -  programmes the SAIP are currently supporting include:

  • Encouraging pubs to make the 125ml measure of wine more widely available to customers:
  • Tackling the issue of adults who buy alcohol on behalf of underage drinkers with the 'You're Asking For It' campaign:

You can download the report on these programmes here.

SAIP recently stated: "Whilst there is more to do to improve Scotland’s relationship with alcohol, there are indications that trends are going in the right direction."

SAIP and its members are committed to playing their part in devising and deliver initiatives that promote responsible drinking and contribute towards tackling alcohol-related harm in Scotland.

For more information on the SAIP visit the website