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November sporting highlights with Sky Sports

Next month sees plenty of football action from the Premier League and two more F1 faces, but it also features the NFL London Series, which offers the chance for pubs to attract in customers at a traditionally quieter time

There’s plenty of football action in November on Sky Sports from the Premier League, EFL to the Euro 2020 Qualifiers. Plus, two US Formula 1 races, the annual Grand Slam of Darts, and the NFL London Series.

The NFL London Series returns to Wembley Stadium with Sky Sports showing every Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night game live, alongside two Sunday evening games – all on Sky Sports.

The NFL Sunday evening slot is great for operators looking to attract customers at a traditionally quieter time or to extend football fans’ Sunday evenings enjoying sport in the pub. Once the Super Sunday Premier League games finish around 6pm, back-to-back NFL games get underway on Sky Sports, providing a great opportunity to keep sport fans in for longer, spending more money.

How can Sky customers make the most of the NFL in their venue?

Greenwood in London is a bold and stylish venue that places sport at the heart of everything it does, reinforced through a commitment to delivering a best-in-class, premium experience for customers.

David King-Underwood, licensee of the venue, said: “Greenwood runs on sport, everything we do is centered around it, from the people we employ to how we set up the venue. Everything we do has a premium focus, such as the best food with finest ingredients, made in the best environment by the best people. The value that Sky Sports brings is huge and the synergy between Greenwood and Sky Sports is massively important.”

The team at Greenwood understands the value of creating unrivalled guest experiences that drive loyalty and keep customers returning, particularly in the highly competitive London market where people have a big choice of venues in which to spend their money. Premier League football is of course the biggest draw, but US sports such as NFL are driving footfall as they prove more popular among a UK audience.

“NFL has been growing and growing for us. For the last Superbowl, we attracted a massive crowd, packing out the venue. We put on a special menu and beers and had cheerleaders outside, and it really drove sales. We expect it to continue to be huge for us in the future,” says David.

Greenwood markets its sports offer in a highly targeted manner. Since the opening in 2017, the team has managed to reach almost 2 million sports-focused consumers through its targeted digital marketing activity which has spread the word about Greenwood far and wide. Brand collaborations with brewers have also helped pull customers to the venue, particularly during major sporting events.

“Sky Sports brings a massive opportunity for us. We get to show a variety of different sport at the same time, pull different crowds for different events and means we focus our calendar around high-quality sport.”

If you are a Sky Sports customer, you have access to a range of game-changing support tools through This includes tailored fixture posters, the ability to share ready-made marketing images across social media channels like Twitter and Facebook with one easy click along with fixture planning information. Our Create Your Own fixture poster tool is also back and better than ever! Customers are no longer limited to just displaying football fixtures - all Sky Sports events can now be included, there’s a mixed sports poster option and a variety of Sky Sports branded backgrounds to choose from.