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People and Training Conference 2018

The 2018 People and Training Conference will be held in the fabulous BAFTA building in London on 20th November. Tickets available soon!

In the meantime, have a look at what we covered in 2017...


Launched last year, this year’s event saw the UK’s top operators discuss the current challenges within the training landscape, and the continued and growing issues with staff recruitment, retention and development, as well as sharing some innovative ideas and best practice.


How the Apprenticeship Levy is being approached by different businesses and how the industry tackles the recruitment crisis, especially among millennials, were two recurring themes among the speakers. There was also much discussion on how the industry should become better at attracting new recruits by addressing the ‘long hours culture’ and recognising the need for a better work-life balance.


Some of the presentations also focused on staff wellbeing and initiatives companies have launched to improve employee morale through extra-curricular activities like yoga, singing and even trampoline sessions!


Online learning and career pathways also features heavily, with demonstrations of three of the new digital training systems now in place in the market which give staff immediate access and control over their own learning and progression – something most speakers agreed had a positive impact on staff retention.


BII Chairman Anthony Pender, who chaired the conference this year, opened the event by outlining the challenge for the whole sector: “We started off at Yummy Pubs with the idea we could change people’s lives. But we were wrong. You can’t change someone, but you can inspire them to change themselves. We need to give our people the tools and give them the ability and the time to change. We need to build positive culture, work round people’s lives. And we need greater collaboration within our industry if we are going to do that successfully.”

Click here for a full list of our speakers on the day...