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Rugby World Cup in your venue

Here, Matthew Phipps from TLT gives us the lowdown on what you need to do to ensure you are complying with licensing law in your venue.

With England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all qualifying, the 2020 Rugby World Cup could provide a lucrative addition to your sporting fixture list this autumn.

Matches run between Friday 20th September and Saturday 2nd November and all details can be found on the official Rugby World Cup website.

Named fixtures are already set right up until 13th October, so you can start to plan matches that are likely to be of the greatest interest to your customers now.



  • Bearing in mind that the Japanese timeline is 9 hours ahead of the UK, matches kick off as early as 8:15am local time – so ensuring you have the right licenses in place is vital.



  • A number of premises licences will already have a condition that allows them to show international sporting events and to conduct licensable activities during that period. It’s well worth you checking your licence now to see if that is a permission.

  • Secondly the licences may have a condition that allows them to open for 12 extensions (outside of the TEN's frame work) if they give sufficient notice and get the approval of the local Police constabulary.
  • This could save you a considerable amount of time and money if these are already in place – so check them now.


Temporary Event Notices (TENS)

  • If neither of those exemptions/permissions are on the face of the licence then you might want to consider temporary event notices. You may not want to show every match and not all of them require an early morning TEN, but a fairly significant number of matches do.
  • If all the Home Nations have a long run into the latter stages of the tournament then TENs might run out. However, you also need to be aware of using too many TENS up so close to the Christmas period, especially if you have made use of them so far this year.
  • If you factor in that the final, both semi-finals and two of the quarter finals all kick off at 9am or earlier, that will need to be carefully considered now.



  • Some venues have applied to permanently vary their premises licence to allow them to show sporting events in the mornings from 8am for Rugby (not football) matches. 

  • This would be a way around using TENS, but would need to be weighed against the costs.

If you have any questions, you can speak to our Licensing helpline on 0330 058 3878

or contact TLT on 0333 006 0000