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Saturday 4th July launches hospitality sector into an essential phase for Safety and Sanitisation

Saturday 4th July was a momentous day for the hospitality sector as ‘Super Saturday’ benchmarked the reopening of pubs, bars and restaurants across England. After an unpredictable and unsettling time for the industry, the pandemic we’ve been quarantined in for the last 3 months has presented all kinds of challenges for businesses in hospitality.

Sanitisation is essential to preventing the spread

As we move forward and businesses begin to reopen to the public, it is vital   to  ensure measures are in place to provide safety and protection of staff and customers, as well as crucially, doing everything we can to prevent a second wave of the virus.

Sanitisation and social distancing measures play a key part in preventing further spread.

What is Vianet’s Smart Shield Sanitisation Service?

Vianet’s Smart Shield team have a nationwide engineers ready to sanitise and disinfect your business, eliminating all envelope viruses including COVID-19, flu and up to 99.99% of bacteria from your premises.

Smart Shield’s preventative sanitisation service utilises eco-friendly, naturally derived, mild surfactants and a natural fermentation extract to produce an environmentally responsible and sustainable sanitiser and disinfectant. The solution does not need to be rinsed, even on food contact surfaces.

What do our existing Smart Shield customers say?

Last week, our Smart Shield team were out and about across the country, helping premises prepare for their grand re-openings.

We attended the Sun Inn in Blackpool, delivering our Smart Shield COVID-19 Antiviral Sanitising Service in the premises to create a safe environment for the return of their customers. Dave Wise, Landlord of the Sun Inn said "It was a no brainer for us to sanitise the premises ahead of our reopening. The safety and wellbeing of our patrons and staff is our priority and we want to offer customers the safest environment possible to return to."

Another premises sanitised with Smart Shield last week in preparation for their reopening Super Saturday was Tong Park Cricket Club in Esholt. Their whole cricket club including bar areas and toilets are fully sanitised and COVID-19 free thanks to our Smart Shield Sanitisation Service.

Tong Park's club treasurer, David Young said "The Smart Shield service is a fantastic idea, and the thought of all our members and their families feeling safe in our club is brilliant. We are so pleased to be reopening our doors."

Smart Shield is suitable for sanitising any premises or business

The Smart Shield product isn’t just limited to the hospitality industry though. Smart Shield is flexible and the product is suitable for just about any environment or surface, whether that be a restaurants and kitchens, commercial property, office space, etc.

Interested to find out more about our nationwide sanitisation service?

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