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Top 10 News Stories

Your round up of the headlines that hit the licensed trade this week...


1)      The Express: Warning over ice hygiene in pubs

2)      The Drinks Business: A package of 400 EI pubs is on the market

3)      Evening Standard: Wetherspoons’ Tim Martin to take a Brexit tour

4)      Morning Advertiser: The brands you need to be stocking in 2019

5)      The Telegraph: Brexit labour shortage highlighted by M&B

6)      Imbibe: Staff wellness issues could lead to four-day week

7)      The Drinks Business: Customers embrace low alcohol beers

8)      Morning Advertiser: Sharp’s Doom Bar tops the best-sellers

9)      FT: Sugar tax raises only 50% of estimated revenue

10)    Mail Online: Shoulder of Mutton has a name change to ‘attract vegans’