Hospitality Rising

Hospitality Rising is a collaborative movement formed to create the biggest hospitality recruitment advertising campaign the world has ever seen. Our coalition of progressive businesses are passionate about working together to attract new talent to the sector, while also shining a light on exemplar employers and raising the bar for employee experience across the industry. 

Our goals are to address the chronic labour and skills shortage that has left the UK hospitality industry reeling in its worst ever crisis. But before we can do that, we have to change perceptions of working in hospitality. We need to engage young people. And we need to get them to stay.


"The BII are delighted to be supporting Hospitality Rising, joining forces with hospitality businesses from our incredible sector to showcase the fantastic opportunities available across the whole of the UK.

"Hospitality is an exciting, vibrant and fun place to work, but also offers so much in terms of development and numerous rewarding career pathways. Join us as we rise together and support this campaign, bringing the much needed talent into our pubs."

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