With the incredible pressures you are currently facing, running your essential businesses at the heart of communities across the UK, we want to ensure that Government are left in no doubt about the impact on you, your business and your customers.

BII Member Emma of The Plough Inn, Prestbury recently tweeted about how vital pubs are to their communities, local suppliers and customers alike using the hashtag #notjustapub. Since then we have seen many of you sharing why you believe your business is #notjustapub and we want to amplify this message and take the opportunity to put pubs on the top of the agenda for Government support. We have been regularly engaging with Ministers and officials in Government on the challenges you are facing, sharing details from our recent surveys and feedback from across our membership.

Ahead of the Spring Statement, we are calling on the Chancellor to support your businesses in the following areas:

 - Longer term structural support with a sector specific VAT reduction and a lower business rates multiplier, recognising the community value of pubs

- Energy costs currently represent the single largest risk to business failure for our pubs - we need delivery of fair & reasonable energy costs, AND the ability to re-contract where deals were secured in 2022 in a non-competitive market

 - Delivery of an enhanced draught duty reduction of 20% for beer served in pubs, alongside an overall freeze in beer duty and the Alcohol Duty Reform delivered in full


We have created some assets to help you share this message with your customers and local MP's, ensuring they fight for vital and viable pubs and the support that they will need to survive. 

So many of you have supported this campaign, but even if you have already done so, please take the time to write to your MP to call on them to support you and your communities. We have provided a template letter for you, which you can amend with your stories to personalise the huge challenges that you are facing. We would also like to create a real movement online, and have created a number of visual assets that you can use on social media to highlight the urgent need for support. Please feel free to add or use your own words across all social media platforms, but please remember to include the hashtag #notjustapub and tag the BII via the handles below in all posts so we can re-share them.

Twitter - @BIIandBIIAB
Facebook - @BIIandBIIAB
Instagram - @BritishInstituteofInnkeeping
LinkedIn - British Institute of Innkeeping


Write to your MP

Support our #notjustapub campaign

To contact your MP follow the 3 simple steps below:

1) Download the letter template via the box below - this is a word document that you can copy and paste into your message to your MP (the template may appear in your download bar at the bottom of your screen)
2) Find your local MP - click the link in the blue box below, this will load a webpage where you can type in your postcode to find your local MP. Selecting their name will load a form for you to paste your letter into
3) Paste the letter template into the body, personalising your message if you wish, then fill out your contact information and hit preview and send

Tweet your MP

Support our #notjustapub campaign

To Tweet your MP follow the 4 simple steps below

1Find your local MP's Twitter account - click the link in the box below, this will load a website where you can scroll through to find your MP's Twitter handle, selecting their @handle will load their twitter page. You can then hit the Tweet button, which will automatically tag them in a new tweet.

2If you would like, you can also use one of our digital assets in your tweet - simply choose the image from the bottom of this webpage that you would like to use. This will load in another webpage and you can save this to your downloads

 3) Write your tweet (remember you can only have 140 characters per post!), making sure you include the hashtag #notjustapub and tag @BIIandBIIAB. If you have chosen to include one of our images, you can add this to the tweet by selecting the blue picture icon in your tweet.

Then hit Tweet!

Download Assets

We have made some assets for you to share on social media to help get our message across. To download, click on the image, then right click and select save image. These assets are for Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn - if you want to share on Instagram please email [email protected] and she will be able to send you across the square assets.