Top 5 Essential Steps

Thinking about taking on a pub for the first time? Read our 5 Essential Steps for getting the best start on your journey below.

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Join the BII

Our purpose is to keep pubs thriving in the heart of every community, and we do that through our full range of Member Benefits. Whatever you need, Your BII Team are here to help, whether that's through our expert Helplines or with support from our Guides and website. The BII is your essential partner, whether you are taking your first pub, or your tenth - be part of something bigger and join us today. We can support you with business and financial planning via our professional Accredited Advisors and with our templates and guides.


Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT)

This e-learning course has been designed for prospective tenants/lessees who are considering signing a pub tenancy or lease agreement. It will allow individuals to identify the main issues which need to be considered and investigated before signing.

If you're taking a pub with any pubco or brewery you need to take the PEAT course before taking on a pub. It is also an essential tool to ensure you understand the way the different pub models work, whether you are taking a tenancy/lease, an operator agreement, or becoming a freeholder.


Accredited Advisors

When you are taking on a pub, you need expert help and support at every stage from professionals who know how to guide you through the challenges you will face. Our Accredited Advisors are professionals for the licensed trade who provide services as Chartered Surveyors, Accountants & Solicitors. Using them ensures you get effective business advice allowing you to start, protect and develop your business with confidence.


Build your Team (HR & Employment)

Your BII Team have collaborated with a whole host of industry experts, to bring you actionable information around HR and employment, from simple-to-create contracts, through to advice on disputes and everything in-between. We can also help with training and development of your teams via our Trusted Partners and sister organisation, the BIIAB.



BII's Trusted Partners are an approved network of industry leading providers of products, services and solutions for our members. Specifically selected for the quality of their service and their ability to work closely with our members saving them time, money and delivering great value in their business.