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The Licensed Trade Charity launches new campaign as total service users hits 155k over 3 year period

With increased emotional and financial pressures being placed on those who work in the drinks industry, The Licensed Trade Charity has unveiled a brand-new campaign, ‘Because Everyone Needs A Little TLC,’ to drive greater awareness of the services the LTC offers and to encourage more industry professionals to access support when in need.


It is estimated that around 250,000 people working in the licensed trade are in need of support at any one time. Although awareness of the Licensed Trade Charity has increased in recent years, research has found that the majority of people working in the drinks industry are still unaware of the support they can access from the charity. ‘Because Everyone Needs A Little TLC,’ has been launched to impactfully communicate how the Licensed Trade Charity can help, who can access LTC services and to encourage those working in the licensed trade to seek support earlier to prevent an issue turning into a crisis.


The new campaign from the LTC is being supported by senior leaders throughout the industry, who will kick off the campaign with a thunderclap across social media on Monday 20th March, with further activity delivered by the charity and its partners across social and digital channels, trade events, PR and advertising. The charity will also be distributing material to over 2,000 businesses working in the sale, service, production or distribution of alcoholic drinks, to further communicate the services available, which includes emotional support, specialist guidance and financial grants.


Paula Smith, Head of Marketing at the Licensed Trade Charity said, “With the cost-of-living crisis biting and the hospitality industry facing continued challenges, we are very aware this is a tough time for many working in the drinks trade. However, if you are struggling, there is free support available from the Licensed Trade Charity.”


“With the launch of this new campaign, ‘Because Everyone Needs a Little TLC,’ we are determined to reach more people who work, or have worked, in the sale, service, production and distribution of alcoholic drinks, and encourage greater usage of our services among those who need them. Whether you or your colleague requires emotional support, specialist guidance or a financial grant, we implore you to speak to us because we can stop an issue turning into a crisis, and help you get you back to your best."


The launch of this new campaign comes as the Licensed Trade Charity releases its usage figures for 2022, the results of which show that drinks people accessing LTC services since the pandemic has remained markedly high, with the charity helping 36,000 people in 2022, bringing the total number of people helped since the start of 2020 up to 155k. Last year alone, financial support awarded by the Licensed Trade Charity through grants and services reached £1.17 million.


Calls to the charity’s helpline has also sustained very high numbers with the Licensed Trade Charity receiving 3,173 calls last year, up from 2,061 in 2021 and 1,037 in 2020. Of the calls last year, 63% were related to mental health.

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